Monday, May 26, 2014

Uric Acid Meter Accuracy

Easy Touch GU Log
Easy Touch GU Log
I bought my Easy Touch GU, Uric Acid Meter several years ago. Although, I do not believe it is as accurate and reliable as a test performed at the doctor’s office, I still believe it is a reliable guide that helps in planning menus and activities. 

I purchased my meter from a vendor in Florida a few years ago before they were available on Amazon. Read my previous post on my Uric Acid Monitor. When it first arrived, I used it several times a day. I tested my blood when I woke up, before going to bed, before / after meals, before / after known trigger foods, and randomly during the day. I noticed that my uric acid levels varied through-out the day. It changed depending on, not just what I ate, but what I was doing such as relaxed vs doing sometime of strenuous activity. 

During gout attacks, I observed variances in my levels as well. Although, my levels were higher than normal, they still varied through-out the day. What I found most interesting was that as my gout attack wore on, my uric acid levels went back to the normal range, but I was still in pain. This helped me realize once the uric acid crystals developed in my toe, I had to maintain a low uric acid level for days sometimes weeks for the uric acid crystal to dissolve. If I ate any moderate / high purine foods, it didn't allow the crystals to dissolve as quickly.

I use my meter as a guide. If I think I might be at risk of having gout, I check my blood. If the meter reads that my uric acid is greater than 7mg, I avoid the steak and beer, and have chicken and water instead. If it is within range, particularly below 5mg, I might have a couple of shrimp or a steak but I do not over-indulge. Since Allopurinol does not work for me, I watch my diet and monitor my blood levels. You can read my post on my experience with Allopurinol at Is Allopurinol Good . 

Male : 3 ~ 7.2 mg/dL (179 ~ 428 umol/L)
Female : 2 ~ 6 mg/dL (119 ~ 357 umol/L)

I believe the uric acid meter is worth the investment. I learned a lot about how uric acid works in my blood. My doctor confirmed that uric acid levels can fluctuate. When I compared the results from the meter to the result from the lab, they were not exact but close enough. I purchase my refills through Amazon and find them a bit expensive so I do not test as much as I did in the beginning. There is a bit of a wait to receive the refills so I hopefully that will improve in the future. 

I would enjoy hearing experiences with your Uric Acid Meter.