Friday, September 27, 2013

Is Allopurinol Good?

I have been reading where lots of people are taking Allopurinol to control their Gout. It seems to work for some people but apparently not everyone. After my first gout attack, like most gout sufferers, my doctor prescribed Allopurinol. He said not to take it during a gout attack but to wait about a week after the attack was over then start taking Allopurinol regularly. So I waited for my attack to be completely done. The pain was gone, the swelling was gone, and I was walking normally. I waited a week and started taking Allopurinol like the doctor told me to do. Within a few days, I had another full blown Gout attack.

Was it something I ate or was it the meds? I stopped taking the Allopurinol, evaluated what I had eaten, and treated the attack. I still did not understand all about purines, uric acid, and trigger foods so I assumed it was something I ate. It did not take long for my next gout attack to I tried again with the same result as before. This time I continued with the daily Allopurinol routine knowing it might get worse before it got better. I continued for another week but no relief so I gave up. I continued to question if I had eaten the wrong foods or if it was the Allopurinol. I may never really know if the Allopurinol was the trigger of those Gout attacks or not. Today, I simply watch what I eat. I know what many of my trigger foods are so I try to avoid them. I am not suggesting that Allopurinol will not work for preventing a gout attack, I am only descriptions my experience with it.

Have you had a similar experience with Allopurinol and Gout? Comment about your experience.

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  1. As I recall my mother was on Allopurinol for Gout. One thing about meds is they usually cause some furthering problems. She started out on high blood pressure pills. Later the Gout started and then she was medicated with Allopurinol. It moved from that to kidney failure. Treatments for that and then several years later the bowels quit. My opinion is that we need to take care of our health as naturally as possible. Avoid pharmaceutical concoctions if at all possible.