Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Understanding Purines for Gout

If you suffer from Gout, chances are you have done some research on it. If you have done any research, you have probably read about purines. There seems to be an unlimited supply of websites attempting to define what is safe to eat and what should be avoided.

Purines are found naturally in the cells of our body and in the food we eat. As much as 85-90% of the purines (Adenine and Guanine) in our body come naturally from our DNA. The remaining 10-15% of purines (Hypoxanthine and Xanthine) come from the food and beverages we consume. Either way, the purines make their way to the liver where it is metabolized in to Uric Acid. The uric acid then travels to the kidneys where most is removed from the body as waste in urine. Some of the uric acid is deposited in the bloodstream. When too much Uric Acid enters the kidney's more is deposited into the bloodstream. It is the excess uric acid in the bloodstream that crystallizes in joints to create what we all know as Gout.

Low Purine Diet Guide
Since up to 85% of the purines come from DNA, that means the remaining 15% can be controlled by what we eat. There seems to be unlimited supply of websites telling us what we should eat and what we should avoid. Generally, you want to maintain a low purine diet and limit consumption of high purine foods. I found this chart at Primary Care Specialists. This chart is a good guide on what to eat and what not to eat. High purines eats, red meats, seafood and alcoholic beverages among many other things. I have listed a few sites I like to reference when I need to find out about a particular food or food group.

Please share with me your favorite website for looking up the purines list.

Purines Food Lists

Information Sources


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