Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Caramel and Gout

gout caramel creamsOne of my favorite candies is those soft caramel chews but as a gout sufferer I now eat them in moderation. My favorites are the Cow Tales and Caramel Creams by Goetze. They have the cream centers that are so delicious. I could eat handfuls at a time. That was my mistake. I bought several bags of the Caramel creams and ate them all within a few days. After years of gout attacks, I am generally very good about watching what I eat. Unfortunately, I hadn't considered candy caramels.

The Cow Tales and Caramel Creams from Goetze are made with soy and wheat. Both soy and wheat are considered as moderate in purines. Lots of foods that we eat contain soy or wheat. Foods derived from soybean include tofu, soy sauce, edamame  and soy milk. Wheat, of course, can be found in lots cereals, breads, pastries, and so many other items.

So the question is; did the caramel increase my risk for cause or was it the trigger? 

What do you think?

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