Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gout with Wide Shoes

gout EEE shoes
My Gout Shoes - EEE
 Anyone who has experienced a gout attack in their toes knows that it can be very difficult to walk. This is particular true for those who travel for business or pleasure. Back when I was having frequent gout attack, I would have to travel for work. Although, I didn't travel much, Gout seemed to find me before or during the trip. As with most business travel, you get bigger meals, fast food, and lots of walking.

On one particular gout experience, I had been preparing a presentation that I was to give at this conference for months.  As luck would have it, gout found it's way to my right toe about 4 weeks before I was supposed to attend the conference. I immediately cut my on my trigger foods, limited all red meats, seafood, alcohol, etc. I drank lots of water, cherry juice, and chicken in hopes that I could shake this attack myself. With one week before I left and the gout attack didn't seem to be subsiding. I broke down and went to see my doctor. I was desperate to get this gout attack eliminated before my travel. It was just not to happen. I was in lots of pain with no end in sight and business travel on my mind. I knew there would be lots of walking and my food was not going to be up to it.

With that in mind, I decided to find a larger pair of shoes. I needed shoes that I could walk in that looked professional and would cause the me least about of pain when I walked. So I went out and found me a pair of EEE width dress shoes. They were huge to walk in but as long as I tied them tight, I was able to walk around. It was not the perfect solutions but it helped me get through that week.

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