Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fight Gout Naturally

Fighting a gout attack is not easily done naturally. It is easier to take pills that relieve the pain quickly than it is to endure more pain than one can handle. Gout is one disorder that can cause that extreme pain and it can last for weeks or months. A gout attack will go away on its own, if the sufferer can handle it. Not everyone can do that. Although I recommend taking medication to eliminated the pain from a gout attack, preventing future gout attacks should be done as naturally as possible.

Every gout sufferer has a list of trigger foods. It is important to find out what these triggers are so they can be limited or avoided to reduce the risk of future gout attacks. Trigger foods are foods that can trigger a gout attack. Generally, these are foods high in purines that are processed by the body to form the uric acid crystals that cause gout. Some common trigger foods are organ meats, shellfish, alcohol, some vegetables, etc. It is possible that one person has different trigger food than another person. It is good to learn about other sufferers trigger foods, but you will learn through painful experience what your foods might be.

The next thing is to reduce the acid in the body. Although it will be impossible to eliminate acidic foods and beverages from your diet, you can replace some acidic food and drinks with more alkaline replacements that are low in purines. Watermelon, pineapple, lemons, and broccoli are some foods that have low purines and alkaline rich foods.

Although, there is no known cure for gout, the best we can do is reduce our risk of having an attack. Depending on who you are, medicine may or may not be a choice. Most medicine has some side effects, either short or long term, that some people are not willing to chance. Gout can be controlled naturally if you are willing to handle it.

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