Friday, September 27, 2013

Gout Trauma

Imagine you have been dealing with a gout attack for weeks. You have drank gallons of black cherry juice and water, snacked on cherries by the dozen, eaten only various styles of chicken and avoided all of your favorite foods so that the gout attack in your left toe is finally on the mends. Then late one night, you wake to go the restroom. You pull yourself from under the covers, place your feet on the floor being very careful where you place it. Then you take your first couple of steps slipping on something on the floor. While trying to catch your fall, your already tender foot hits the metal side of the bed frame with full force, causing some of the worse pain you have felt in weeks. It is a near impossible task not to scream at the top of your lungs trying not to wake my wife, the kids on the other side of the house, or possibly even the neighbors in the house next door. After you gain your composure, you put your kids back to bed and call off the paramedics that the neighbors calls, you realize that the pain in your foot is not subsiding quickly and your gout attack is returning stronger than before. This is a scenario that is all too common for some gout sufferers. Blunt force trauma to a gouty toe, knee or other joint is not something any of us enjoy. Whether it is stumping your gouty toe on furniture, dropping heavy objects on your foot, or have someone accidentally step on it, they are all scenarios that will more than likely cause you lots more pain in weeks to come. Like any other gout attack, you restart you gout control measures and pile on the cherries and water. There are many stories of gout sufferer re-aggregating a gouty joint with some form of blunt force trauma. Comment to this blog and share you story.

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